Web design and development

Made Easy Enterprises specializes in both website design and website development. Our services combine innovative design and state-of-the-art technology to develop professional, visually rich, and compelling websites that are dynamic and cost-effective. We deliver websites that are customized for your business from simple websites to complex E-commerce solutions. We build your website from the ground up using website design tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver or we use a Content Management System (CMS) to organize, manage, and update your website faster and more efficiently. Joomla is our choice for CMS. Joomla allows us to build interactive, SEO-friendly websites and powerful online applications.

There are multiple phases in our website design and development process. These include the following:

  • Information gathering and requirements generation – At this phase we gather information and identify requirements. We need to know and understand your business, your goals for your website, your target audience, your competition, and your required content. We create and document a detailed list of requirements from our research. This helps us plan your project and communicate the information to our development team.
  • Planning – At this phase we use the defined requirements to create a detailed project plan and website development schedule that includes project milestones. This guides us during development so that we deliver your website on time and within budget. This provides you with insight on how we operate and to ensure you that we are meeting your expectations.
  • Website design – At this phase we determine the look and feel of your website. Some of the design elements include topic and sub-topic areas, animation and image placement, content positioning, alignment and formatting, website navigation method, color schemes, company logo, and trademark/copyright information. When the initial design is complete we hold a design review with you to make sure that you are satisfied. Upon your approval of the design the website development phase can begin.
  • Website development – At this phase the website is created from the final design and defined requirements. This phase is typically the longest part of the website design and development process. We add website content and graphics supplied by you, as well as add the website navigation. All features and functionality are developed and integrated. During this phase, we will periodically ask you to review your website. 
  • Testing and website launch – At this phase your website is rigorously tested. We perform complete feature and functionality testing. Some of the testing that is performed includes website navigation, functionality of forms and scripts, browser compatibility, animation and image optimization, site login and security, and all links within your website are validated. After testing is complete, and with your approval, we will launch your website so it is viewable to the public. If required, we will upload all files to your server and retest your site again to ensure that all files have been uploaded correctly and that the site is fully functional. Your site is now live.
  • Training and website maintenance – If agreed upon as part of our website design and development effort, we will conduct any training for ongoing maintenance of your website. If a CMS is used, we will train you on how to use it so you can easily update your website. We can also offer you a separate website maintenance contract to add new content on a regular basis and to keep everything current. In addition, we can assist you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and web analytics to help you understand and optimize website ranking and usage.

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