Software consulting

Made Easy Enterprises provides comprehensive software consulting services to support your current and future business needs. We help businesses develop a competitive advantage by providing them with an assessment of their current business processes and software technology. With our guidance, and your collaboration, we help align your current and emerging technologies with your business objectives. We work together with you to develop a solution that suits the needs of your business. This saves you valuable time and resources allowing you to focus on your clients.

Our understanding of business processes and expertise in software technologies allows us to overcome many complex tasks that normally occur at each stage of the business and software development lifecycle. We are highly capable of working independently or as part of your project team to provide first-class service, improve efficiency, and reduce risk in a cost-effective manner.

Our primary services include the following:

  • Strategic planning
  • Staffing and resource analysis, and allocation
  • Software development estimation and basis of estimate
  • Software project and development planning
  • Technology evaluation, trade-off, and selection
  • Software architecture and review
  • Full-cycle or custom software development

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