Our software development methodology

Our software development methodology allow us to deliver an on-time, cost effective solution that meets or exceeds customer expectations and their evolving business needs. Our processes are reliable and predictable. They allow us to plan, manage, and control the development of your solution even while responding and adapting to changes in your business environment.

Our methodology comprise of the following process activities:

  • Define the problem, and gather and assess the requirements while focusing on what the system must do
  • Perform project planning, coordination, and scheduling
  • Specify the software functionality, operating environment, interfaces, performance, safety, security, and design constraints
  • Architect and design a system that meets the requirements
  • Implement the solution
  • Integrate and test the system
  • Deploy the system and provide the necessary training
  • Support and maintain the system

We use an iterative process that is designed to mitigate risk. A project is broken down into a set of iterations, or blocks of time, where an increment of functionality is planned, developed, and released. The length of each iteration varies depending upon the amount of functionality in its increment. Each of the iterations typically consists of the requirements, design, implementation, integration and testing phases, and ends with a software release that may be released into production. Subsequent iterations build upon previous software releases which ultimately lead to complete functionality and system solution.  

It is your business objectives and requirements that drive our development lifecycle. If your needs dictate that a change is required, then we will tailor our process accordingly for your project with your agreement and approval.

Some of the benefits of our software development methodology include the following:

  • Early customer collaboration and user experience to develop the high priority software functionality as quickly as possible
  • Incremental build-up of software functionality allows for early validation of design, continuous results analysis and risk mitigation, and timely customer and user feedback
  • Ability to refine requirements and adapt to changes even late in the development
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and improvement for faster, better, cheaper product delivery

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