Made Easy Enterprises LLC is a full-service software development and consulting company providing software engineering and development solutions for a variety of applications and systems. We plan, define, design, implement, test, and deploy a wide range of applications and systems software, from straightforward stand-alone applications to complex, innovative systems software.  By using our business-driven software development methodology and a variety of tools including a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) we can create robust, cost-effective solutions for Windows, UNIX/Linux, Mac OS, mobile devices, and the Internet. We work closely with you to understand your goals, business strategy, and your requirements to develop a complete, high quality solution for you.

Made Easy Enterprises LLC offers a broad range of skills for architecting and developing your solution, including:

  • Project planning, coordination, and scheduling of all development activities
  • Software sizing, staff and resource estimating, and cost budgeting
  • System analysis and requirements definition
  • Systems and application software architecture
  • Software design, code, test, integration, and deployment
  • Software reviews, compliance, and audits
  • Consulting services for any phase or all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Maintenance, upgrades, and support services for new and legacy systems
  • Website design and development

Our experience, skills, and passion for technology would be a perfect fit for any size organization.

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Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers. Building a complete, high quality solution always starts with the customer. Communication usually starts with either a Request for Proposal (RFP), or an initial business discussion, to identify and understand your goals, business priorities, and the specific business problems that need to be solved.  You may request that we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your proprietary information and intellectual property. Depending upon the amount of initial details provided to us concerning your business requirements and the timeframe, our proposal to you typically includes the following:

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Our software development methodology allow us to deliver an on-time, cost effective solution that meets or exceeds customer expectations and their evolving business needs. Our processes are reliable and predictable. They allow us to plan, manage, and control the development of your solution even while responding and adapting to changes in your business environment.

Our methodology comprise of the following process activities:

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